Cooperation and Conflict Between State and Local Government (2021) offers students an introduction to the legal, political, and administrative dynamics shaping state-local intergovernmental relations. An edited volume with leading contributors from the fields of public administration and political science, the book engages students with chapters on topics ranging from environmental sustainability investments to management of the COVID-19 pandemic. The book includes profiles that highlight career opportunities in state and local government, a tool for introducing students to public service careers.

Reviewed by:

Jonathan Fisk in Publius: The Journal of Federalism

Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities: Economu, Environment and Community in Baltimore (2014) documents the urban sustainability movement in Baltimore, analyzing networks that connect city government and civil society. Using Q-methodology, social network analysis, and interviews with a wide range of government, private, and non-profit actors involved with Baltimore's sustainability efforts, the book challenges our conceptual definition of the sustainable city, illuminating the subjectivity of sustainability in the work of those engaged in the urban policy process.

Reviewed by:

Carla Chifos in Journal of Urban Affairs