As an educator in public administration, I help students explore how an interdisciplinary field of social science can contribute to the development of professional skills and competencies in order to advance individual career goals.  Graduate and professional education in public administration provides students with a framework for thinking about how theory and concepts from public policy, political science, organizational theory, management, and other fields can shape strategy and action for work in public service.  As a scholar and educator working in local governance and intergovernmental relations, I strive to help students develop the skills necessary to build and manage thriving cities, neighborhoods, and communities, while managing interdependence in the U.S. federal system.

At the University of Georgia, I regularly teach the following courses:

PADP 6910: Public Administration & Democracy

PADP 7500: Local Government Management

PADP 7520: Urban Policy

PADP 7580S: Local Government Practicum

GRSC 7001: GradFirst Seminar